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Holden Captiva Car Reviews & Ratings

Our Holden Captiva car reviews are written by expert journalists who have been in the automotive industry for years. The car reviews cover features of the Holden Captiva such as the engine, interior, exterior, road tests, issues, and Holden Captiva competitors.

We’ve tried to cover as much of the Holden Captiva range as possible, but if we don’t have the variant that you’re looking for, please check back soon. Click one of the Holden Captiva car reviews below.

Holden Captiva

2013 Holden Captiva 7 LX Review and Road Test

Here’s some advice for those who are ‘too cool’ for seven-seat SUVs and choose to criticize them. Head out to the ‘Mortgage Belt’ at school pick-up times and then ...
Holden Captiva

2011 Holden Captiva Series II First Drive

More performance, a new 2.4-litre petrol engine, extra features, improved looks and prices cut on most models by $2,000 – the new Holden Captiva Series II range, on-sale next month, has thrown ...
Holden Captiva

Holden Captiva - Car Review

Smart styling, comprehensive specifications and sharp pricing headline the Captiva’s credentials – and that combination is sure to get buyers’ attention.The fact it carries a Holden ...
Holden Captiva

2009 Holden Captiva - Car Review

Remember the Billie Crystal movie City Slickers where three grown men get out of the city and hit the outback? Well if there’s ever another remake, the Holden Captiva could have a starring role....

Holden Captiva News

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Holden Captiva

2014 Holden Captiva – Prices Cut

For Holden Captiva 7 you can mark-down price cuts of $2,500 and for the Captiva 5 you can mark down price cuts of $2,000 or $1,800 (depending on the model)…but with lower prices and extra ...  Read More
Holden Captiva

2013 Holden Captiva Updated WIth New LTZ

Holden’s Captiva SUV range gets a new top-spec Captiva 5 LTZ and a new generation sex-speed automatic in 2013 model year upgrades announced today. With five-seat models starting at $27,990 ...  Read More
Holden Captiva

Re-Styled Captiva To Debut In Geneva

Interest for Aussie SUV buyers at the Geneva Motor Show next week with news Chevrolet will unveil a re-styled Captiva (badged Holden here). Changes include new 18-inch alloy wheels, a new front end ...  Read More
Holden Captiva

MY12 Holden Captiva – Better Fuel Economy, Extra Features

Holden has introduced the MY12 Holden Captiva range with no price changes despite improved fuel consumption and extra features. In fact the Holden Captiva 5 2.4-litre petrol manual is available at ...  Read More
Holden Captiva

Five-Star EuroNCAP For Captiva

Chevrolet (Holden) Captiva has scored the maximum five-star safety rating in the latest round of EuroNCAP barrier testing. Captiva scored 88 per-cent overall for adult protection. The Captiva ...  Read More

Holden Captiva User Reviews

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Holden Captiva User Review

Hoping this one is better

Holden Captiva LX 4x4 (Review date: 06 Apr 2014)
I have recently upgraded my work car from 2012 Captiva LX diesel to 2014 Captiva LTZ diesel. Found the 2012 version good on fuel and reasonable on performance although the engine sounded rough at times and was not particularly well mated to the gear box. Like the look of the car. On the 'need to improve side of the ledger' - seats not particularly comfortable (had many comments on this) and no air con vents for the middle or back row which was an issue on hot/cold days. Finally...quality control was not great. Had the engine taken out twice, the entertainment display replaced once, the drivers door external handle break off and several fittings fall off including one of the door seals. Now to the 2014 model. Body is virtually the same although they have skimped on some crome fittings and replaced with ugly plastic. The opening window in the tailgate has also gone. Unfortunately still no addition of vents to the middle and back rows (GM please see how Honda do this with the Odyssey). On the plus side - the seats are a bit more comfortable, the engine and gear box appear to be better mated making for a smoother quieter experience while maintaining performance. Too early to say whether quality control has improved.
Practacality 4/5 rating4/5 rating4/5 rating4/5 rating 4 / 5
Reliability 2/5 rating2/5 rating 2 / 5
Running cost 4/5 rating4/5 rating4/5 rating4/5 rating 4 / 5
How it drives 4/5 rating4/5 rating4/5 rating4/5 rating 4 / 5