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Suzuki Jimny Sierra Turns 40

by Brad Leach - 21/05/10

It was back in 1970 that Suzuki launched the compact Jimny Sierra 4x4.

Now, three model generations later, the $20,490 Jimny Sierra is the most fuel-efficient petrol SUV on the market. Incredibly, this year sales are up by 18 per cent and the little Suzuki could celebrate its 40th anniversary with a record year. 

Along the way, the Jimny Sierra has become an icon for the Suzuki brand with a legion of fans and a reputation for combining rugged, go-anywhere off-road performance and affordability. It has become a favourite with young 4x4 buyers like surfers who use its capability to pursue weekend adventures well off the sealed roads.

While the original Jimny Sierra was powered by a tiny 360cc two-stroke engine, today the 1.3-litre powerplant delivers 63kW/110Nm and returns fuel consumption as low as 7.0l/100kms. Today’s version even offers air-conditioning and a CD sound system.

Suzuki’s compact off-road star has been sold in 188 countries.

“It has carved out a unique market position thanks to the versatility that enables it to handle everything from the urban jungle to working in the toughest 4x4 arena,” revealed Suzuki Australia General Manager, Tony Devers.


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