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SKODA Starts Electric Octavia Production

by Brad Leach - 05/09/11

Skoda has started building its first all-electric Octavia E Line vehicles.  Based on the Skoda Octavia Estate (wagon), the first 10 E line vehicles will be used for real-world testing. Skoda says when the E Line is launched it will include both full electric and plug-in hybrid models. 


Power comes from a 26.5kWh battery and an electric motor which provides 60-85kW and 270Nm. Skoda says the Octavia E Line can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in 12 seconds with a brake-energy recovery system boosting range between re-charges to 150kms.

At low city speeds the Skoda Octavia E Line emits a fake sound to warn pedestrians of its whereabouts.


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