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Renault Delays Electric Fluence

by Brad Leach - 14/12/12

Those seeking a zero emissions vehicle with French flavour will have to wait a while longer with news of a delayed introduction of the Renault Fluence Z.E.

The Z.E. (zero emissions) version of Renault’s stylish mid-size sedan was scheduled to launch about now, but with the delayed rollout of the required infrastructure from battery switch partner Better Place, we’re now told to expect the electric Flouence some time next year.

Battery switching is a more time-efficient process for electric cars. Rather than owning the battery in your car, you lease one from Better Place and if you’re tight on time, rather than re-charging you simply leave your discharged battery and swap it for a fully charged unit. 

Renault Australia is committed to showcasing its electric Fluence (some are already being driven around Melbourne). The zero emissions French vehicle highlights the technical expertise of Renault and adds a high-tech model to the local lineup.


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