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2013 VF Holden Commodore Overview

by Brad Leach - 10/02/13

We’ve just spent the day at Holden looking-at and sitting-in the all-new VF Commodore. We’ve even been to ‘Woody’s World’, the high-security, high-tech ‘bunker’ where Holden designers weekly video conference via 3D ‘Showcase’ technology with General Motors designers around the world - the wall clocks cover Melbourne, Seoul (Korea), Russelsheim (Germany), Shanghai (China) and Detroit (North America). 

VF Commodore’s on-sale date is June, but Holden threw-open the doors of its Port Melbourne, Victoria design centre ahead of time as the export version – the Chevrolet SS – will be unveiled next week at the Daytona 500 race in Florida (the SS is the car being promoted by Chevrolet in American NASCAR racing this year). 

Normally strictly off-limits, this was the first time media representatives had been in the Holden design studios since the launch of the current generation Commodore seven years ago. Proudly unveiling the all-new VF Commodore, Holden chief Mike Devereux said: “Days like today are the reason we get out of bed every morning.” 

Boasting available features including a rear cross-traffic camera (a broader view, not just a reversing camera), colour head-up display, forward collision alert system, blind-spot alert, lane departure warning system - and, in and Australian first, standard in every model is an automatic self-parking system (either parallel or 90-degrees) - Holden’s VF Commodore is the most technically advanced car ever made in Australia. “We’ve always had beautiful cars but the technology and refinement makes this is a no-excuses world class car,” Mr Devereux said. 

In a nutshell, the all-new VF Commodore range adopts two strategies – ‘Sport Luxury’ and ‘Luxury Sport’ and today we crawled all over the upscale Calais V model and also checked-out the sporty SS (but we’re sworn to secrecy on the latter until 16 February). Traditional Commodore buyers will notice a shift upscale wherever they look, as Holden Design Director Andrew Smith explained: “Premium content and materials inside reflect the idea that every model, including the entry-level feels one class above”.


2013 VF Holden Commodore Exterior Design
2013 VF Holden Commodore Interior Design, Colour And Trim


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