Heavy Duty Towing Kit For Kia Sorento

by under News on 01 Feb 2013 02:49:53 PM01 Feb 2013

‘Grey Nomads’, ‘Recreationalists’ – call them what you like, the fact is caravan sales are booming in Australia and mid to large size SUVs are increasingly the vehicle of choice for towing.


Cue Kia with an upgraded towing kit for the competent Sorento which lifts the down ball rating to 150kgs.

While there is no change to the Sorento’s maximum braked towing capacity (2000kgs for automatics and 2500kgs for manuals) the new kit will help owners with a serious down ball requirement.


The complete heavy duty pack for Kia Sorento is priced at $977.34 plus fitting and includes a tow ball, wiring harness, rear suspension springs and labels. Owners with the current 120kgs ball can purchase a conversion kit for $239.78 plus fitting.

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