2009 Nissan Navara - User Review

by under Review on 10 Dec 2009 01:25:32 PM10 Dec 2009
Price Range
$23,690 - $50,650
Fuel Consumption
7.3L - 14L/100km


Jonathan Lipshut from 360 Construction Group tells us about his new work vehicle the Nissan Navara D40.

What is your car?

Nissan Navara D40


What was your previous car?

1994 Honda Civic VTi.

Why did you choose this car?

As I'm starting my new boutique house construction business (360 Construction Group: 0412-728-092), I needed to a work vehicle that would also present a positive image to clients. I test drove the popular Utes on the market and found that this was the best car of the bunch.

What are the pros/cons of the car?

Pros:Comfort, Interior; Bluetooth phone connection; Ipod connection to stereo; sunglasses holder; versatile centre console (incl. wallet, pen & coin holders); Rear seat folds up to provide space to enable any tools etc. to be locked inside the car without dirtying seats; power; smoothest ride of all the utes.

How does this car suit your lifestyle?

It is a work vehicle which is a pleasure to drive after hours.

Describe the buying experience:

Very competitive environment so shopping around is essential.

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