2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast, A 70th Birthday Present

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Maranello’s most powerful car yet, celebrating seven decades of success.

2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast, A 70th Birthday Present

Ahead of its official debut in Geneva, Ferrari has pulled the wraps off of the 812 Superfast, which replaces the F12 Berlinetta as the V12 flagship of the family. Though it’s essentially a reworked F12, the 812 Superfast differs greatly than the car on which it’s based, thanks to a new engine, new chassis technology, and new styling.

The 812 sports a reworked design from the outgoing F12, and sees an enhancement of the aerodynamic features from the car it replaces. The active aero flaps on the lower corners of the fascia have been moved, and function to move air smoothly around the car, either to increase downforce or to reduce drag. The grille also gets revisions which sees it move more air into the engine, to keep that roaring new heart cool. The changes the 812 gains is vastly more than we predicted, with our previous thoughts on the F12 successor penned here

2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast, A 70th Birthday Present2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast, A 70th Birthday Present2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast, A 70th Birthday Present2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast, A 70th Birthday Present

Now, we get to the engine. The V12 from the F12 Berlinetta has been tweaked, now measuring in at 6.5-litres (up 234cc) and offers 588kW. Ferrari claims that this engine puts the 812 Superfast as “the new benchmark” in its segment. Torque weighs in at 718Nm, with 80% of that being available from as low as 3500rpm, which Ferrari says endows the 812 Superfast with great responsiveness even low down in the rev range. 0-100km/h is dealt with in a scorching 2.9-seconds, and will go on to a top-speed of 340km/h. This is as fast as the F12tdf hardcore model we’ve seen before, which is particularly impressive when you consider the 812 Superfast is also 110kg heavier than the F12tdf.

Ferrari has, controversially, added an electric power steering system to the 812 Superfast, the first application of such a system in a Maranello offering. The marque claims excellent feel and responsiveness, with the EPS working closely with ‘Side Slip Control,’ which supposedly offers enhanced agility over other models. There’s also an updated version of Ferrari’s ‘Virtual Short Wheelbase,’ which can see the 812 handle with the sort of agility you’d get from smaller, more focused cars. 

2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast, A 70th Birthday Present

The 812 Superfast gains full-LED lights all round, while the interior sees a slightly more dramatic dash design and refined instrumentation. The 812 Superfast will be making its first public appearance at the upcoming Geneva motor show in March, where sales will also commence. Prices are expected to sit above the F12 Berlinetta, though those details have yet to be revealed.

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