2018 Renault Zoe Coming, Two Variants

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Marque’s local office as quiet as its EVs.

The Renault Zoe Could Arrive After All

Renault’s wondrous compact EV hatch, the Zoe, is confirmed for the local market thanks to a government vehicle guide that outed the cars’ offering. Further, the Green Vehicle Guide event went as far as to detail the two variants that will be on offer.

The Zoe will be arriving in a an entry-level model it seems, riding on smaller 15” or 16” wheels depending on buyer preference, while a top-spec Zoe will ride on snazzy 17” alloys. The wheels themselves do more than just increase curb appeal, with the entry level model able to hit roughly 403km on a single charge (owing to lower rolling resistance), while the higher-end model will only do about 367km between charges.

The very latest Zoe packs beneath its cutesy shell a ZE.40 battery pack, which is able to accommodate for fast charging. Charging times vary between 60mins to 13hrs depending on available power source, so we’d suggest you take a long hard look at your electricity hardware at home and EV infrastructure in your area if you’re considering a Zoe as a second-car, perhaps.

The Renault Zoe Could Arrive After All

Guesstimated to be priced at under $40,000, the Renault Zoe will be the cheapest EV on the market, in line with the global initiative to make transport greener. Globally, the Zoe is responsible for no less than 10% of Renault’s global sales of urban cars, and sits proudly alongside other Renault-Nissan Alliance EVs like the Fluency ZE, the nifty Twizy, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, and the Nissan Leaf.

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