2020 Ford Bronco Four-Door Rendered, Looks Brilliant

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An Everest with retro-cool.

2020 Ford Bronco Rendered, Looks Brilliant

Though Ford may be working on the next-generation Bronco in near-total secrecy, the Michigan carmaker can’t do much to stifle the imagination of excited fans. Working on the knowledge that the Bronco will be underpinned by the same ladder-frame chassis as the Ford Ranger and Everest, it makes sense that the Bronco will eventually be offered in a four-door body style as well. With that, the guys at BroncoG6 got busy with Illustrator, and the results are brilliant.

The renders retain distinctive cues of past Broncos, like the parallelogram rear side windows and the protruding taillights, though like the rest of the car, everything has been reworked to give it a very modern feel. Looking at it, it’s easy to imagine this as the Bronco of today, if the nameplate had survived the years (and the image hadn’t been watered down in the process).

2020 Ford Bronco Rendered, Looks Brilliant

New to these renders is an imagination of what the new “AirRoof” system will look like. AirRoof is a feature that “insider sources” say will feature on the Bronco, and will see 3-4 modular roof panels that run the length of the car, that can be removed and stored in the cargo area for open-top motoring. While not quite as customisable as Jeep’s ‘Freedom Top,’ it’s certainly something.

Enjoy the gallery below, and join us in our wait for the 2020 Ford Bronco.

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