Aussie Hyundai i30 1st To Get Auto Link App Support

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Australian Hyundai i30 1st To Get Auto Link App Support

Hyundai has launched an official companion mobile application called Hyundai Auto Link that can relay real-time driver and vehicle analytics to users of iOS and Android smartphones. At launch, it’s available solely for the i30 hatch, and Aussie owners should be extra proud that HMCA is the first subsidiary worldwide to launch the feature. 

Naturally, Hyundai will be rolling out support for their full line-up new cars across the globe, with functionality expanded with as time goes on with additional updates made to the app itself as well as, presumably, the car’s firmware.

The convergence and integration made possible between the Hyundai Auto Link app is the kind of feature usually reserved for more high-end makes, especially with regard to the depth this one in particular is offering, and the Korean automaker is paving the way for buyers of mainstream marques to demand this level of connectivity. 

Australian Hyundai i30 1st To Get Auto Link App Support

A special module relays the data from the car’s internal log via Bluetooth to the app, letting the software parse and analyse data such as driving distance, fuel efficiency, driving history, real-time tyre pressure monitoring, crowd comparisons, eco driving statistics, speed statistics, vehicle health info, and upcoming maintenance with service reminders - all presented in an intuitive and aesthetically palatable fashion. 

While the feature doesn’t work once the Bluetooth connection is cut - unlike more advanced services that use an in-built mobile network connection to enable remote starting and rudimentary cabin control - the Hyundai app relies upon the data connection of the smartphone in which it’s running. 

Australian Hyundai i30 1st To Get Auto Link App Support

Despite this, there’s a very solid list of functionality that’s given here, such as Parking Management that logs down the location of the car once the app senses it’s out of range, provides easier access to the Hyundai dealer network for after sales support, as well as direct contact with RSA (Roadside assistance). 

HMCA Chief Operating Officer, Scott Grant, said: “All our cars are extremely well equipped with an impressive array of sophisticated technology. Hyundai has always been quick to introduce new technology, and Hyundai Auto Link has again allowed us to be in the forefront of automotive tech with an even newer, and more exciting information platform.”

Australian Hyundai i30 1st To Get Auto Link App Support

“If you have a smartphone in your pocket, Hyundai Auto Link offers you the closest connection you’ve ever had with your car and the way you drive and look after it,” he said. “It’s a fascinating development and we’re excited to be the first Hyundai subsidiary globally to offer the platform to new i30 owners.”

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