Ferrari Unveils J50 Limited Edition Supercar In Japan

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Ferrari J50

Ferrari has unveiled a strikingly beautiful limited edition car based off of a 488 Spider called the J50 at a celebration event held at the National Art Centre in Tokyo to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the brand’s presence in Japan. 

Only 10 examples will ever be built, each one unique to the specific tastes of each customer. Created by Ferrari’s Special Projects department and styled by Ferrari’s Centro Stile in Maranello, the J50 is meant to harken back to the targa-roof sports cars of the 1970s and 80s. 

Ferrari J50

As is quite obvious, the J50’s exterior has been quite dramatically altered from the 488 Spider’s, with its a lowered and pointier nose requiring its radiators to be moved closer to the centre with air channels integrated into its bonnet and needing its front wheel arch crests to be raised.

A lower windscreen is also used, designed in tandem with the unique rear deck, sloping angle of the door windows, and tail spoiler to improve air flow over the car. Its targa roof is carbon fibre and can be stored in the behind the rear seats. 

Ferrari J50Ferrari J50Ferrari J50

Inside, the 488’s cabin hasn’t been changed all that much, with the dashboard layout staying true to its donor car’s layout and instrumentation. Its seats, though, have been tossed in favour of a specially designed set.

Around the back, quad tail lights replace the dual illuminators on the 488 with a redesigned diffuser which Ferrari says was inspired by jet afterburners. Rounding the car off are the 20-inch forged wheels that are bespoke to the J50.

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