Greenpeace Attempting To Block VW’s From Entering UK

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Disruptive, but ultimately pointless.

Greenpeace Attempting To Block VW’s From Entering UK

Self-righteous environmental nuisance Greenpeace are presently attempting to block a 23,000 tonne ship off the coast of Kent in the UK, carrying a variety of Volkswagen vehicles that the manic environmentalists are convinced will spell doom for the universe.

Some 25 nutters on kayaks and boats surrounded the Elbe Highway, a Nassau-registered vessel delivering German-built Volkswagen vehicles, destined to be offloaded at the Sheerness port. The port location has also been broken-into by Greenpeace (though they say they “gained access,” as if they didn’t scale fences and enter the premises illegally), with a group of ‘activists’ nicking the car keys from the cars awaiting delivery and sticking some messages purportedly from some 8000 members on the engine bays of the affected vehicles.

It’s worth mentioning that the vehicles in the Elbe Highway are a mix of petrol, petrol-electric hybrid, and diesel varieties, all of which are compliant with the very latest Euro-6 emissions regulations. We do not believe that Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise or Esperanza sea vessels, built in 1975 and 1984 respectively, are quite as lean or green.

Greenpeace Attempting To Block VW’s From Entering UK

Latest updates indicate that two “activists” have been arrested for occupying lighting gantries at the port for several hours, something that Greenpeace is proud of. “Meena” and “Jo” are claimed to have been occupying their lighting gantry for some 28-hours, managing to put up some banners and contract some degree of frostbite, probably.

On the subject, Volkswagen made the following comment to UK media:

“The ship contains a variety of Volkswagen Group vehicles, including diesel, petrol, and plug-in hybrid models. The diesel vehicles, which are the subject of the protest, meet strict Euro-6 standards.” — Volkswagen Group

Greenpeace is trying to get Volkswagen to take its cars back to Germany, though we’re unsure how that’ll change anything as a car’s emissions are harmful wherever they might come from. But, you know, Greenpeace.

Greenpeace Attempting To Block VW’s From Entering UK

You can read here about Volkswagen’s ongoing efforts to become the largest EV manufacturer come 2025, and its cool electric Microbus that will likely to become choice transport for less-radical green campaigners in the future.

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