Here’s The 1,014kW Nio EP9 Supercar Scorching The Nurburgring

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2016 NextEV Nio EP9

NextEV has very recently launched the Nio EP9 electric supercar that promises some truly colossal performance. The Chinese-backed company even claims it to be the quickest EV out there, with 1,014kW delivered via four electric motors. 

While 0-100km/h times are the yardstick that most captures the imagination of those with an eye fixed on the EV space, the EP9’s claim to fame lies with more respected metrics such as lap times. Tesla’s Model S P100D already undercuts its century sprint by 0.3 seconds - 2.4 seconds vs 2.7. 

Take the Tesla sedan out on the track, especially one as punishing as the Nurburgring Nordschleife, though, and its brisker-than-brisk acceleration won’t help it much after it sets off. The NextEV Nio EP9, though, claims to have tackled the ‘Green Hell’ in 7 minutes and 5.120 seconds. 

That’s just eight seconds or so slower than the hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder, one of the fastest production cars to take it on, making the achievement mightily impressive, and would easily make it the quickest EV to post a lap. You can see for yourself in the video below which shows the early morning run. 

2016 NextEV Nio EP9

NextEV says that the 1,735kg Nio EP9 has been constructed around FIA LMP1 safety standards, with its sleek body able to generate up to twice as much downforce at speed as an F1 car. It’s batteries, the exact capacity of which haven’t been specified, is said to be fully chargeable in just 45 minutes and are good for a range of over 400km. 

Sadly, though, as evocative a the prospect a production electric vehicle with hypercar-level performance might be, NextEV says that the Nio EP9 is merely being developed as a technological showcase with 6 units being planned for sale. 

2016 NextEV Nio EP9

However, while the EP9 might be out of reach, the Nio sub-brand is being positioned as the more exciting arm of NextEV’s portfolio, meant to “exhilarate and delight”, countering the mass-market electric urban runabouts that the company is planning to roll out to the Chinese market. 

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