Hyundai Teases Hot i30N On Mountain Road

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Hyundai Teases Hot i30N On Mountain Road

Hyundai has released a teaser video of its the hot version of its all-new next-generation i30 hatch. Dubbed the i30N, the sporty model will be the first to wear the ’N’ badge to denote products from the Korean automaker’s newly christened performance division. 

The video below show the i30 N as it’s being spanked around a twisty mountain road. One that’s as sound reflective as a steel wok, apparently, as the soundtrack of its 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is clearly heard. 

The car seen in the video is equipped with a manual transmission, as an automatic option is due to be available only a year after the car is introduced. That’s music to our ears, and a key marker that Hyundai’s new N boss, Albert Biermann, is steering it in the right direction. 

Biermann previously worked at BMW’s M division where he was the vice president of engineering. Clearly he knows a thing or two about performance and handling, but with Hyundai involved it’ll be a much more accessible entry point compared to those from the Munich stable. 

Hyundai Teases Hot i30N On Mountain RoadHyundai Teases Hot i30N On Mountain RoadHyundai Teases Hot i30N On Mountain Road

He has also previously alluded to the i30N also spawning a future all-wheel drive version with even more power to offer performance levels that chase the Golf R and Focus RS. But as it stands, the i30N with front-wheel drive should be a match for the Golf GTI in terms of sheer performance, but will have to be something quite special to rival the Volkswagen as an all-around package. 

Additionally, the i30N will reportedly feature an electronic limited slip front differential, a beefier gearbox, revised intake and exhaust system, as well as uprated brakes. 

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