Jaguar Details Electrification Ahead Of I-Pace

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Jaguar I-Pace Concept Unveiled

Hot off the heels of the I-Pace global unveiling, Jaguar has made clear that it intends to pursue the process of electrification with full gusto, aiming to have half of the larger Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) product family running some form of electric propulsion by 2020.

We say electric propulsion, because JLR has not been particularly forthcoming with what form of electrification, be it hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or pure-EV, though the I-Pace concept certainly shows us what the company is capable of in terms of pure-EVs. 

Speaking to the media, JLR Global Product & Strategy executive Finbar McFall said that electrification is crucial to the company’s future. “We will have plug-in hybrids very soon, even ahead of the all-electric I-Pace. What we will soon have across the Jaguar-Land Rover range is a selection of plug-in hybrids, as well as more efficient petrol & diesel engines.”

Further emphasising the need for electrification was JLR’s technical design director, Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart, who predicts that “the share of new car registrations of electric vehicles will be around 20% of all cars sold, at least in the major markets - Europe, US, China, and Japan.”

Jaguar I-Pace Concept Unveiled

“In China, there’s a massive push from the government toward electric vehicles, to reduce the oil dependence and pollution in the cities. So we think cars like the I-Pace will help considerably in these efforts, given that the car is clean, the range is high, and there’s less dependence on infrastructure.”

At present, the I-Pace purportedly has a 500km range on battery power alone, though that might not be the limit. Dr. Ziebart went on to say, “We are already at that point in the current phase of development, so there’s still some optimisation to come. We can continue to squeeze out one kilometre after another, but there could also be some drawbacks.”

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