Jeep Yuntu Concept Previews New 7-Seater

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Unfortunately, like many things, it’s set to be China-only.

Jeep Yuntu Concept Previews New 7-Seater

The Jeep Yuntu concept, teased earlier this week, has been unveiled entirely at the ongoing Shanghai motor show. A joint-development between Guangzhou Auto and Fiat Chrysler, the Yuntu previews a three-row seven-seater SUV that will go into production next year. 

Of course, while FCA insists that this is a preview of what’s to come, we have every reason to believe that little of the visual embellishments seen here will make it to production. Things like the frameless suicide doors, psuedo-Scandinavian interior, and thin seats are expected to be canned, though the panoramic sunroof and lightly-coloured cabin may be retained. 

Jeep Yuntu Concept Previews New 7-Seater

The exterior is pretty refreshing, and not just for a Jeep. It balances traditional Jeep design cues (seven-slot grille, dual-towhooks at the front, and squared-off wheel arches) with modern styling. The slim, swept-back headlights link up with the grille smoothly via a grey element, with the same treatment at the rear with slim, wide taillights linked by a silver element housing the ‘Jeep’ badging.

According to Jeep, the Yuntu concept packs a plug-in hybrid powertrain, replete with wireless charging. It also says that the Yuntu is capable of driving autonomously both on- and off-road, the latter thanks to a drone that sees ahead of the car and maps out a route. Of course, neither of these systems could be tested, so they remain just claims for the time being.

Jeep Yuntu Concept Previews New 7-Seater

Sadly, the Yuntu is being marketed as a China-specific offering, though there is chatter that it might make it to the US with a Dodge, or even a Chrysler logo. In Australia, we can expect to see a Jeep Grand Wagoneer come round to fill the seven-seater SUV gap it has, though that’s a long way off.

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