Mazda’s Swoopy CX-8 Could Make It Here

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Local stakeholders are very keen on on the 7-seater.

Mazda’s Swoopy CX-8 Could Make It Here

While early reports on the Mazda CX-8, a seven-seater SUV that sits between the CX-5 ad CX-9 in the Hiroshima carmaker’s lineup, pinned the athletic-looking swoopy-roofed SUV as a Japan-only model, it’s suggested that Mazda Australia is lobbying heartedly for the SUV to make it to our shores.

 A Mazda Australia spokesperson had a chat with our colleagues over at Motoring, and told them that while the CX-8 will be initially offered exclusively in its home market, the business case for it being exported to Australia would be studied further.

Mazda’s Swoopy CX-8 Could Make It Here

 “We've been pretty open with this,” he said. “The CX-8 is a car that is offered in the Japanese market only, however, if it was made available globally, it would be something we’d definitely consider.” The CX-8’s footprint is very similar to the CX-5, with the measuring tape revealing that it sits comfortably between the two models. More importantly, the CX-8 SUV is powered by a 2.2-litre SkyActiv diesel engine, something that the bigger CX-9 doesn’t have. That should make it a strong proposition for our market as well, considering we love pairing big SUVs with brawny oilers.

Previously, the question of the CX-8 making it Down Under was pushed to Mazda Australia boss Vinesh Bhindi, who said that there were some regulatory issues in the way of the CX-8 arriving here. That said, his position has changed somewhat. “If there was ever to be an ADR version of the CX-8 offered to Mazda Australia, we would evaluate this opportunity, and consider its viability in this market, and ask ‘how does it actually fit amongst the other SUV products we currently offer?’”

Mazda’s Swoopy CX-8 Could Make It Here

While the CX-3, CX-5 and CX-9 sit comfortably in Mazda Australia’s lineup, the CX-8 won’t be the first exciting Mazda SUV we’ll be missing out on. There’s also the CX-4, a China-only crossover that caught the attention of a number of markets around the world with its dramatic roofline and athletic stance. The CX-8 looked to go the same way, but fingers crossed, we may see it here after all.


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