New Glass Roof For ‘Benz SLK Is ‘Greener’

by under News on 03 Nov 2010 10:56:28 AM03 Nov 2010

Mercedes-Benz’ all-new SLK model due for launch next year will feature an optional glass roof which can be either transparent or darkened.

It’s called the ‘panoramic vario-roof with Magic Sky Control’ and ‘Benz says as well as delivering an enhanced interior ambience, the new SLK gains some enviro cred – less use of the air-conditioning system year-round means reduced C02 emissions. 


When in transparent mode, the new vario-roof significantly blocks UV and infrared light, but when the vehicle is parked, the roof automatically switches to darkened mode – to keep the interior temperature stable and for security.

It’s all electrically controlled with particles in the roof moving when switched on to create the transparent look. 


Mercedes-Benz engineers tested the new system in temperatures up to 50 degrees while parked in Death Valley, USA during the summer. With the roof darkened, heat penetration reduced by 80 per cent.


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