Tesla Gunning For Model Y By November 2019 – Report

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Tesla Gunning For Model Y By November 2019 – Gallery

Even though they’re still wading through the muck trying to get the Model 3 off the production line at the right pace, American EV company Tesla appears to still be full-steam ahead on bringing yet another model to market, in the form of the Model Y crossover. The Model Y will share its underpinnings with the Model 3 saloon, and will complement the passenger car the same way the Model X does with the Model S on which it’s based.

While we’ve known for some time that the Model Y is an impending model that has the potential to push Tesla’s sales through the roof, we haven’t actually had a definite timeline on when we can expect to see the (relatively) affordable compact crossover on the road. However, reports coming from Automotive News suggests that the company has decided on a timeline to introduce the car, and it’s bang-on with industry speculation since the car was first suggested. 

2018 Tesla Model X P100D

*Imagine this Model X but smaller, and you’re about there.

There is one concern that we’re sure we’re not the only ones raising. With Tesla struggling to get the Model 3’s production up to speed, thanks to the wonderfully-unintelligent move of not production-prototyping the car and doing what every other carmaker in history has done for decades because Tesla think they’re infallible, we can’t help but wonder just how big a stumble Tesla will make after it gets inundated with orders for the Model Y.

Think about it. Volkswagen was caught off-guard earlier this year when demand for its T-Roc compact crossover surpassed even its most optimistic estimates, resulting in the car getting pushed back in markets like ours due to supply priority going elsewhere. And that’s Volkswagen, a company that doesn’t enjoy cult-like status or the benefit of a Twitter-fiend CEO. With 500,000 advance orders for the Model 3 racked up in record time following the launch, can you imagine how many people are going to place (fully-refundable) deposits on a Model Y? 

2018 Tesla Model X P100D

Imagine the mayhem that’ll ensue. With early Model X’s beset with issues like disappointing quality control, slow production numbers, and numerous production challenges, we can’t help but look back at the billions of dollars that Tesla has had to burn through to get to where it is now with the X (still some 500/week short of its intended targets, which themselves have seen revisions more frequently than a B-list Hollywood celebrity) and wonder if the Model Y might just be what will sink the company.

But then again, we should also bear in mind that financial analysts have said time and time again that Tesla’s brand cachet is just about strong enough to get it through any storm. So we’ll see.

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