Tesla Shows You What Its Upgrades Autopilot System Sees

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And it’s pretty impressive.

Tesla Shows You What Its Upgrades Autopilot System Sees

Recently, Californian EV maker Tesla announced that it will be adding an even wider array of cameras and sensors to its cars in order to make better make sense of the world around them and contribute to the growing capability of its Autopilot autonomous driving software before a full release in a few years. 

Once it is fully developed, this ‘neural net’ will be intelligent enough to be relied on by all owners and drivers to fully relinquish control of the vehicle over to, not just on clear-ish motorways but in tricky urban driving situations as well. Accompanying the announcement for the technology they’re dubbing Tesla Vision, they released a video showing it in action. 

More recently, though, additional footage has been published which demonstrates the hardware and software’s ability to drive entirely without a driver intervention. The passenger is sitting in the seat was required to be there by law but, as the footage demonstrates, did not need to raise a finger.

The autonomous Model X navigated to its intended destination through narrow roads, residential areas, traffic lights, three-way junctions, past oncoming traffic, pedestrians, other hazards and even managed to park itself by the end. During the whole time, though, you’re able to see just what the various cameras and sensors on the SUV are picking up and processing in real time. 

Tesla Shows You What Its Upgrades Autopilot System Sees

These various feeds will stream into the car for processing where it will make logical determinations, just like a human driver would when encountering the varying situations on the road. Consequently, all new Teslas will feature up to 40 times the computing power over the previous generation in order to cope. 

Fitting soundtrack too, for the video. 

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