Tesla & SolarCity Electrify A Whole Island

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Well, a small one.

Tesla & SolarCity Electrify A Whole Island

Tesla, in collaboration with recently-acquired green technology company SolarCity, today announced its successful ‘electrification’ of the American Samoan island of Ta’u. Ta’u, being so geographically isolated, has been exclusively reliant on diesel generators dotted around the island, consuming just over 415,000 litres of diesel a year. Now, Ta’u is green. 

The 44-square kilometre island is home to 600 residents, and presently hosts only one road. Electricity on the island had, until now, been provided by 17 diesel generators, which poses its own logistical problems. Tesla & SolarCity sought to change that, and change that they have. 

No less than 5,328 SolarCity panels have been installed, linked up to 60 Tesla Powerpacks, and the rest of Ta’u. In less than a year, the two companies have provided the small volcanic island enough power to run day-to-day activities, and the Powerpacks will store enough electricity to last three whole days (just in case). All of this was put in place in less than a year, with funding coming from the American Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior, and the American Samoa Economic Development Authority. 

From a financial standpoint, SolarCity continues to push the purse strings of its parent company, with spending currently at US$6 for every dollar it makes. Hopefully, with the successes in Ta’u as well as the launch of SolarCity’s Solar Roof tiles, as well as Tesla’s continued push to bring solar energy to consumers in any way it can, SolarCity will start enjoying more successes in the years to come.

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