W Motors Unleash 582kW Fenyr Supersport In Geneva

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W Motors Fenyr Supersport

Dubai-based supercar maker W Motors’ appearance at the ongoing 2018 Geneva Motor Show is no random run-in. Their newest car, the Fenyr Supersport, was brought to Swiss capital to mark its official launch.  

Like its sibling, the Lykan Hypersport, the Fenyr’s price tag of around $1.8 million puts it well out of reach for nearly everyone except the super rich of its home in the United Arab Emirates. Also like that 2013 original, the Fenyr also takes its name from European mythology, likely taking inspiration from the Fenrir of Nordic tales.

W Motors Fenyr Supersport

On the outside, very much resembles the Lykan that came before it, making ample use of sharp angles and space-age cues, even sharing its rear-hinged suicide doors. W Motors has been steadily showing off the car in various states of its development, with the final spec and production constraints holding back the car’s official launch.


To make this possible, they’ve teamed up with Austria-based independent manufacturer Magna Steyr, their expertise surely proving invaluable to ensuring the carbon fibre body and active aerodynamics are properly executed.

W Motors Fenyr Supersport

The production location also places it close to powertrain partners RUF, famed modifier of Porsche vehicles. Mounted amidship is a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged flat-six that surely started out life on the Zuffenhausen assembly line. RUF, however, has claimed it for itself and managed to have it extract 596kW and an outrageous 980Nm.

Interestingly, the Fenyr concept used a larger 4.0-litre unit, which was presumed to already have an output meaningfully higher than the 582kW 3.7-litre RUF flat-six used in the Lykan. The reasons behind W Motors selecting a lowered-capacity unit remains unknown.

W Motors Fenyr Supersport

Because of the lightweight, mostly carbon fibre body, the Fenyr Supersport weighs just 1,350kg, taking the projected power to weight ratio to around 592 horsepowers (or roughly 441kW) per tonne, enabling a claimed 0-100km/h time of 2.7 seconds and a top speed 395km/h - if that’s even possible without tyres being vaporised.

Aside from being ultra expensive, the Fenyr will be crazily exclusive with just 25 examples being planned for production. Naturally, customers will be able to customise nearly every facet of their own car to satisfy every oddball quirk in taste they might have.

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