MG E-Motion Concept To Make Production

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Divisive? Yes. Slated for production? Also yes.

MG E-Motion Concept Previews 2020 Production Car

The MG E-Motion concept, a car that MG parent company SAIC says previews the future of the British marque, is slated to make production by 2020. The surprise decision to put the E-Motion into motion came through a comment made to Autocar by MG’s UK sales & marketing boss Matthew Cheyne, who expects the car to go on sale before the end of the decade. 

Previously, it was mentioned that the production viability of the E-Motion hinged on the reactions it would garner at the Shanghai motorshow. With that well underway, it’s been said that the E-Motion has netted such positive feedback that it is “highly likely” to meld into a production car. What’s more, Cheyne suggested that the production model should hit the market at less than £30,000 (or about $51,100 in our money, correct at the time of writing). 

MG E-Motion Concept Previews 2020 Production Car

With butterfly doors and four seats, the MG concept runs on an electric powertrain that they developed themselves. The century sprint is completed in less than 4-seconds, while it can keep hurtling at the horizon for about 500km before exhausting a fully-charged battery. While the fascia may appear to be very much like the current crop of MG cars, the profile and rear evoke images of other sports cars from other British marques. 

MG E-Motion Concept Previews 2020 Production Car

The nose of the car is dominated by a ‘Diamond grille’ that was first popularised by Mercedes-Benz, while there is a distinctly Mazda flavour to the headlights (and indeed, the colour). While the E-Motion is a stark departure from the passenger cars it’s currently producing, there is every reason to believe that such a car could help to elevate the status of the brand, and remind the general public about the history of the MG brand, rooted in the glory days of the ubiquitous British sports car.

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